How To Determine If Your Loved One Needs Adult Foster Care

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How To Determine If Your Loved One Needs Adult Foster Care

There are few things that are more important in a person’s existence than quality of life. After all, your quality of life plays a significant role in your mental and physical health! When it comes to your loved ones, this trait is no less important. Sometimes, a person’s well being can be hindered by factors outside of their control. Enrolling in an adult foster care program can be an effective way to combat this, but how will you know if your loved ones qualify? Read on to learn about the signs!

They Require Assistance With ADL’s

When looking at this heading, the first question you’ll likely have is what an ADL means. You do them every day! ADL stands for “activities of daily living”, and they generally refer to the self care actions that you take throughout the day. Things like brushing your teeth, getting dressed, shaving and brushing your hair qualify as activities of daily living. If you’ve found yourself needing to assist your loved ones with these tasks on a daily basis, they may qualify for adult foster care! This isn’t the only standard, however.

They Require Daily Supervision

Quality alone time can be a good thing for the right person. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone should have it! Sometimes, it’s more dangerous for a person to be by themselves than around the company of friends and family. If your loved ones need supervision to make sure all goes well on a daily basis, it may be a sign to take a look at adult foster care! The time of supervision counts as well; if they can get by on their own for most of the day, they probably won’t qualify. To be admitted, a person must need at least 21 hours of daily supervision.

They Need Active Assistance and Motivation

Assistance with activities of daily living can take a variety of forms, but needing active assistance and motivation to do these tasks is a good sign that your loved one qualifies for the program. In order for a person to qualify for adult foster care, they must have a cognitive impairment or medical condition that requires them to need such help. As we previously mentioned, things like dressing, eating and bathing are all things that can get your loved one qualified should they need assistance with them.

In-Home Adult Foster Care With Gabriel Care

The only bad thing about adult foster care is the ability to not do it from your own home. Gabriel Care Adult Foster Care eliminates this problem by offering caregiving services right from your own home! To see if your loved ones qualify for the program, click here to contact us directly!

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