Why Facility Assisted-Living Is An Outdated Practice

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Why Facility Assisted-Living Is An Outdated Practice

Getting your loved ones the care and assistance they need to maintain normal lifestyles should always be a top priority for your family. In older times, there was typically only one way that you could make this happen: by sending your loved ones to an assisted living facility. While these places effectively gave them the quality of care they deserved, some underlying downsides of this practice have since made assisted living facilities outdated. We explain why this method of assisted living is passing us by below!

The Cost

One of the more painful things about assisted living in facilities is the fact that they tend to be much more expensive than other methods. Many assisted living facilities only include a small number of activities in their monthly bills, so it may not cover everything that a patient does in a given month. In addition, basic tasks of daily living now get increased surcharges at facilities. Things like laundry, room and board, and other things get tacked onto your monthly bill as well. Many of these costs are things that you can work around with newer assisted living methods.


Assisted living facilities can play up their benefits and quality of care all they want – it means nothing if those facilities are understaffed! Facility assisted living roles tend to be unattractive to those applying for jobs, which leads to many of these places being short on workers. Assisted living facilities can’t provide the quality of care your loved ones deserve if they aren’t enough people to do the job! Other methods of assisted living, such as our at-home program, are more specialized. Understaffing is never an issue of concern with alternative ways of assisted living.

The Stress

Making the decision to send your loved one to an assisted living facility is never a happy one. It’s usually not the choice of your loved ones, either – many circumstances like this one arise as the result of unforeseen or unfortunate events. Put yourself into the shoes of the patient – they no longer get to live in the place they call home, their privacy has likely been cut off due to having a roommate and staff check-ins, and their visitation with their families is often limited. You should be able to understand why they’re under a lot of stress!

At-Home Assisted Living With Gabriel Care

Gabriel Care looked at all of the disadvantages that facility assisted living services created and made the decision to flip them on their heads! We can send our caregivers to anywhere in Massachusetts to provide your loved ones with an increased quality of care right from their own homes. Your family will save money and your loved ones will be able to live more comfortably as a result. To secure this lifestyle for a family member in need, click here to start the admission process!

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