At-Home Adult Foster Care in Taunton, MA

Taunton, MA is a city in Bristol County which acts as the county’s seat. This is far from the only thing that it’s noteworthy for, as it was dubbed the “City of Silver” thanks to its status as one of the budding areas of the silver industry in the 19th century. Taunton is ranked in the 25th percentile for safety, making it one of the safest cities in the state. If your loved ones need adult foster care, they shouldn’t need to leave this safe environment to get it! Gabriel Care ensures that you get the same quality of service from the comfort of home with our at-home adult foster care services. 

Benefits of Assisted Living at Home in Taunton, MA

Assisted living at a facility can be much more draining than you realize. Your loved ones get cut off from the people they care about the most, and the hours that they can see them are very limited. Not to mention the high cost of travel to and from the facility on top of all the room and board costs! Assisted living at home ensures that your loved ones are surrounded by the people they care about while still maintaining the same level of care. The additional costs you would incur from assisted living in facilities are eliminated as well!

How Can I Apply?

Applying to the adult foster care program is as simple as getting in contact with us! Our admissions process is carefully designed to ensure that only qualified individuals receive eligibility for the program. If you’re curious as to how this process works, click here for a detailed guide to every step of it!

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Gabriel Care redefines what it means to provide adult foster care to your loved ones. We can accept both caregivers and patients into our program to ensure that your family receives the best care they can ask for without the hefty room and board costs of an assisted living facility. To reap the benefits of at-home assisted living, click here to contact us directly! If you’re looking to apply, click here to view our open jobs and submit your application!


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